Thursday, April 30, 2009

VP181 Viewsonic LCD monitor repair

Here are some Viewsonic VP181 LCD monitor repair tips. I picked up a lot of LCD screens on EBay a while back and one of the last ones to be fixed is a VP181. It did not work because it would not light up the screen. The problem was most likely the inverter. However this monitor takes a 6 output inverter that lists for around $100. After some digging around I found a universal 6 output inverter that sells for less than 1/3 of that price.

Also here is a strange point about the VP181. It will not work without the base. So if you apply power to the screen and expect it to work, it will not. Also it has an unusually large AC adapter jack. I cut into the power cable between the base and the screen and spliced in power from a universal 12 volt 5 amp AC adapter. The universal adapters are available for about $10 each on EBay.

Universal 6 output inverter to Viewsonic VG 181 LCD Screen adapter.
Wire colors are from the cable from the control board to the inverter board.

Purple - Enable to middle wire to inverter
Blue - Unknown
Green - Gnd to Blue striped wire to inverter
Yellow - Gnd
Orange - Gnd
Red - +12V to wire furthest from ground to inverter
Brown - +12V
Black - +12V

The replacement inverter only lines up with one of the mounting screws, the one in the middle. The ends of the inverter are held in place by rubber stoppers. The wires to the CCFL tubes need to be unhooked and stretched a little. The order they plug into the inverter may have to be changed as well.

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