Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 Rochester NY HamFest

The 2009 Rochester NY Hamfest was in a new location this year, It is on the west side of Rochester instead of being South of Rochester. The admission price was reduced to only $5 and there was no extra charge if you wanted to sell things. As a result attendance was way up and there was lots of vendors. This is one of the vendors places inside of the building. This new location also featured a large outdoor cooking area. There was lots of food, mostly hamburgs and hot dogs for $2.50 each. There was almost never a line to get to the food.

This is my van, the picture was taken late in the day so the nearby van had left leaving me alone. Also most of my stuff had already sold. I would leave the van with a collection jar and wander around to look for things to buy.

This is an overview of the large yard sale selling area. It was not nearly as crowded as it was in the former location.

This is another one of the vendors. They used a truck to bring their stuff and are selling all kinds of computers and LCD screens.

This is some of the stuff I found. The signal generator was only $10, and it works. The output jacks are broken so I replaced them with ones that only cost me 50 cents. Under it is a rack mount PC case that was free. It is the older AT style cabinet but I have converted them to ATX many times before.

This is some more of the stuff I bought. The Dialogic card is a 12 port analog card that fits a PCI slot. The part number is D120JCT-LS and it sells for $200 used to $1000 new, I bought it for $1. I might use it to test my auto attendant/voice mail software on a newer card. In the box is a 8 port relay board for $1, a digital volt meter for $2. a de-soldering tool and a fuse block that I bought. The fuse block was to use the connectors to connect to an 833 tube to make a new bigger Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil.

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