Sunday, May 10, 2009

Elim's newer Nortel Option 11 telephone system

Last weekend we changed out the old Nortel SL1 telephone system for a newer Option 11 telephone system. This is the old system's cabinet. I am turning it into a high tech book shelf. I just need to get the covers for the back.
To be able to move the old system around we removed all of the old cards and piled them in the corner. I will be selling some of them on EBay soon. Let me know if you want to buy some of them. I plugged one of the old cards into 110 volts for a YouTube video years ago. It was very explosive ;-) Here is the link;
When I arrived they had already removed all the old wires. They were lined up in the hallway. The new system had punch down blocks with jacks on them and then cables to match to the telephone system. That reduced the amount of wires to be punched down by 1/2.

There is Barry and Jeremiah with the newer option 11 cabinets and the telephone patch panels on the left. Barry had a spool of interconnect wire in the ceiling that he is reaching for. They could have done it without me, so I took pictures while they worked.

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Malc said...

Wow, a lot of cables spread on the floor... it reminds me when I was in Mississippi, watching some guys repair the Telephone Systems Northeast Mississippi...