Monday, June 8, 2009

24 KV Power Supply

Years ago I wired up a quick 24 KV power supply. However I never got around to putting it into a nice little box. Well that finally is done, it is in a cabinet. However it did not work when I tested it out, I had to change out the Power FET to get it up and running again. So with it working, I wanted to see if I could get a spark to travel around in circles in the presence of a magnetic field.

After playing around with the magnets I also tested out a Rife tube that someone had given me. It was just sitting in a cardboard box while I tested it. Then I also tested out a big U shaped argon tube to finish up the latest experiments. The video is up YouTube somewhere.

I drew up my schematic and posted it here on my blog. This schematic design was borrowed from one that I had found somewhere else on the Internet. You could easily use a 24 volt center tapped power transformer or a 12 volt transformer with a full wave bridge rectifier. I have used several power FET's with little change in the performance. They can be removed from a sick computer power supply.

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