Thursday, December 17, 2009

2400 Volt Can Crusher

This is an old post that somehow made its way to the top?  It is from the summer of 2009.

I could not leave the idea of vertically crushing a soda can into an hourglass shape, so that is what I am working on next. This power supply will hopefully deliver 2400 volts. The problem is that I do not have a SCR that can handle 2400 volts. So some sort of mechanical contacts will have to be used. They may have to be replaced after each use.
This cabinet was purchased last June at the Rochester Hamfest for $15 I think. The front will have a digital meter, and connectors for power and ground. Note the size of the 470 ohm resistor, it is rated for about 250 watts, no more smoking resistor.  The panel meter is connected to a 1 meg ohm resistor that is in series with a 9 meg resistor, not across a capacitor like it shows in the schematic.

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