Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ionic Spinner

One of my inventions that I have been working on requires the use of an 'ionic spinner'.  I had seen one of them several years ago made by the son of a friend who lives in southern Texas.  I asked him to put it on YouTube but alas I could not find anything about it anywhere.  So I tried making one for myself but it does not work so far.

Basically the idea is to take some needels and mount them in opposite directions on the ends of a wire that has a loop in the center that goes over the top of a Tesla Coil or similar high voltage device.  Then when the high voltage is turned on and sparks fly off the ends of the needels the spinner starts rotating in circles.  Turn off the lights and you have a very nifty picture.  So I will keep working on it and hopefully post some pictures of it running some day soon......

It is up and running, although it is not working all that well.  There are two videos uploaded on YouTube already.  video1  video2

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