Monday, April 26, 2010

Fake Office 2003 Cd's on EBay

First of all I have purchased MS Office 2003 on EBay before with no problems.  However recently there has been a big rash of FAKE MS Office 2003 CD's up for sale on EBay.  The CD's do not work, it looks like the coating was too thin as there are some spots near the center that let light through.  If you try to use the CD it will ask for the license number then lock up forever.  If you try to read or copy the CD it will lock up your computer forever, until you eject the CD.  Either way the CD's simply do not work. 

Also look closely at the center hub area, the pattern there is not quite correct for a real MS CD.  IF you angle the CD to a light the entire top surface looks dimpled all over like it did not adhere correctly.  The license numbers are not correct for Microsoft and do not work with a normal MS Office CD.  The license 'genuine' ribbon is obviously fake.
I went to and searched for information on the Fake Office 2003 CD's.  They reported that the fakes were just a sticker on a normal CD.  So I felt for the edge of the sticker and sure enough it is a sticker that makes a CD look like the MS Cd.  The sticker easily peals right off exposing a normal CD underneath.  This does not happen on a real MS CD!

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Unknown said...

After reading your comments I inspected the Office 2003 CD I which arrived yesterday. I believe it to be one of the fakes and have contacted the (Amazon Marketplace)vendor about it and to request a refund. Thanks for staying on top of things like this.