Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is Linux as safe as they say it is?

Last week I was vacationing on my honeymoon. I was only gone from work for one week. Surely they could survive without me that long? Well maybe not. On Friday I got a call saying that there was no Internet access at work. They still had working email, just no Internet. I told them to switch back to an older Netgear router and then everything started working again.

When I got back from vacation, I checked the now offline IPCop Internet server. It had a screen full of error messages. It was also running URL filter and somehow the update had gone bad and as a result just about every web site was being blocked. I promptly pulled out the IPCop CD and then reinstalled IPCop. Sure enough it worked fine. Then I reinstalled URL filter and again everything worked fine.

The question remains, did something go wrong with the URL filter program, with its updating, or did someone hack the IPCop server? If it was hacking, then that is proof that Linux is hack-able. That’s a scary thought.

Now back to trying to figure out why a 6 month old installation of Windows XP is slower than molasses in January. Perhaps it is infected with something that Kaspersky, and Malware Bytes cannot find?

On the good news side, Firefox has disabled JavaScript! That is something that I said needed to be done a long time ago. In fact I have been running a JavaScript blocking add on program on my computer.

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