Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fat Tax or Skinny Tax?

What do you think about the proposed 'Fat Tax'?

Personally it has me outraged! They are going to tax drinks containing "sugar" and to get the law passed they will drop all taxes on drinks with artifical sweeteners. This will try to force people to drink soda that contains deadly artifical sweeteners. Also consider this fact: Skinny people drink sugary sodas, fat people drink diet sodas. So the tax will actually be a tax on SKINNY PEOPLE! It is not a fat tax at all, unless they also tax toxic diet sodas! And what about all those candy bars that are not only full of sugar but they are also full of fat? What about doughnuts that are also full of fat and sugar??? Could these crazy politicians actually create a "Fat Tax"? Of course not, they just want to make Americans Fatter and Sicker, but that way they can get the backing of the people that are poisoning us.

BTW - I would be all for a "corn syrup" tax!!!

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