Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Rochester NY HamFest

The Rochester NY 2010 HamFest went by too fast.  It started with a rainy morning but when I got there everything was happening.  I googled the address and went to the wrong place.  It was a doctors office and someone there googled the correct address.  This is what my van looked like this year.

Among my findings this year were some huge 15uF 5000 volt capacitors and some big coils for $5 each.  Then there was a CD Duplicator for $30 and some CD R/W drives for $5. each
The food was great again this year, hamburgs and hot dogs for just $2 each with very short lines if any at all.
There were lots of vendors, perhaps not as many as last year because the day started with rain?

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