Monday, June 21, 2010

How to boost your page ranking.

Boosting your page ranking can be really simple.  First install the Alexa toolbar under IE, Firefox and Chrome.  Then search for your web site and visit a lot of its pages.  Do the same on your home computer and your laptop.  It will not get you to the top 100 sites but it should get your site rated above 1,000,000 without a lot of work.  Alexa only rates sites based on what web sites are visited by people who have their toolbar installed.  I suspect that it is only a few million people.  So if you have three computers with three methods of accessing the Internet that looks like 9 'people' are searching for your web site!

This is a listing of sites to check daily then look up your web site to boost your ratings.  You can then bookmark them to make the process run faster.  This will make it look like lots of people are looking for information about your web site.

Another tip is to check google webmaster tools then search for keywords and make sure that the keywords are in your meta tags.  The words also need to be found on your web site so it does not look like you are just trying to spam google keywords.

Another tip that I have read about but I have not actually tried is to have three sites and link from one to another to the third site in a circle.  If you link to a site and straight back it looks like link spam, but if you link in a circle supposedly it looks like real web site links to google.  Like I said I have read about this but I have not tried it yet. 

Join a few blogs and put links in your account back to your web site.  Be careful not to post negative stuff, but post positive reinforcing things that will make people want to click on you to find out more about you and eventually more about your company.

Finally go to Google local, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local and claim your piece or real estate.  After you create an account they mail you a post card with the confirmation information so you can establish your presence at your actual physical address.  Then whenever someone looks for business in say Olean NY, they will find you there!

So that's it in a nutshell.  In summary;
1. Search for your web site.
2. Analyze your web site.
3. Blog about your company.
4. Link to your web site.
5. Locate your company on the map.

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