Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Help. It is not rocket science, just think of why you search and what you search for on the Internet. Here are some keys I have discovered to getting recognized by the search engines.

1. Good Content. Write it yourself and have something there that is relevant and worth saying. Make sure your site has keywords included in the page titles, and bold the keywords in the text. One of the best subjects is problems you are having with a service or program. What did you do when you had the problem? YOU Googled it!

2. Good Links. Submit your articles to and get linked to by other sites like HackedGadgets, Wired, and others depending upon your content.

3. Get real Traffic. Add the ability to Tweet, FaceBook etc. your site and put some links on their sites yourself. Post real comments on related blogs with a link to you or your web site.  A great add on to do this is 'add to any'.

4. Submit your site to the search engines. Do this regularly.

5. Include and mark up your Pictures. Make sure all of your pictures have alt tags, a short description under the picture, etc.  The picture shows how to do this in WordPress.

6. Install the Alexa toolbar and visit your site on a regular basis.

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