Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Verizon Problems

Well after all the $30 a month straight talk cell phone problems I tried to get service from Verizon.  I thought a land line would be nice and for $50 they promised to include unlimited calling and high speed Internet.  So far my bills have been $75 and $89 and the Internet speed is .03 Mb/s, slower than dial up!

I printed out the screens, and waited.  After a week or two I called and they said the order was lost so they started another order.  But I was told the $50 deal was no longer available.

Note this is not my phone number!  Anyway I called again and twisted their arm to give me the deal they promised in the first place.  But they would not include the wireless router like they promised in the picture above.

Anyways after several more hours on the phone I finally got connected.  The speed was really slow so after some more hours on the phone we discovered that their splitter was the problem.  However the higher speed did not even last a day!

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