Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ode to AVG

AVG was my favorite anti virus program for years.  I converted a place where I worked to using it after it found as many as 2 virus' on a computer that was running the number one anti virus program.  But its time has come and gone.

The problems started when you could no longer down load AVG free to a memory stick and take it with you to Africa or other places where there is no Internet access.  But now they have even topped that mistake.  After not being able to install it on numerous computers, that had working Internet, I discovered the source of the new problem.  Like so many other applications you now need almost 1 gig of memory to install AVG!  That is total insanity!  This picture below is proof of the problem;

Note how the memory usage jumps from under 250 megs to 619 megs when you try to install AVG. If you do not have enough memory, after what seems like an eternity, it will time out and fail to install. Sorry to say it but its 'good bye' to AVG.

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