Monday, September 13, 2010

Update on my predictions for this century

Back around 2000 I made several predictions as to what will happen in this century. predictions

Basically I said that we will eliminate tires and wires.  Wires because everything will become wireless, even our electricity.  Recently I talked with someone working on a device that will run off your septic gasses and produce the electricity needed to power your house.  There are some farms that use the cow sewage to power their farms already.

Wires may also need to go away because of the danger of solar flares combined with our planets weaker magnetic fields.  This might lead the a melt down of our entire power grid.  Fiber optics would be immune.  Many are recommending that you stock 30 to 60 days of food just in case this happens and our food chain is shut down for a month or two, maybe even longer.

Tires will go away because cars will fly.  I am still working on that one, but the theory is that magnetic fields can warp gravitational fields.  My experiments have launched a 5 inch round aluminum washer over 30 feet into the air.  The g-force would kill a rider as can be seen in some of my video's.  But I have a theory of a more controlled method of launching a 'saucer'.  More to come on that.

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