Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IPCop bit the dust again back to Netgear FVX538

Our IPCop server quit working again.  Network traffic slowed to a crawl so I called Time Warner and we determined that the problem was here.  I switched in the Netgear firewall instead of the IPCop computer and the network came back up to speed.

When looking at the Netgear firewall logs I saw that flood control was being activated by a computer about every 4 minutes.  So the problem may have just been that computer.  MBAM found and removed a virus.

The big complaint about Netgear is that the default configuration allows everything.  So you have to configure it to block everything then enable what protocols that you want to allow.  When you get done it should look something like this:

The 'any' 'block always' and 'log always' at the bottom is so that any attempted violation of the rules will be logged.  This is a big help for troubleshooting when something is blocked from working just check the log then add it to the list of allowed protocols.

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