Monday, January 17, 2011

Stuff to sell

I am selling a lot of my stuff on Ebay. Look on Ebay under bob_davis321 to find my stuff that is for sale.  My email address is bobdavis321(at)  Make sure yo replace the (at) with @ so it will work.

Besides the stuff on Ebay I am also selling these three things;

1. Sold - My 'Super Thumper', washer launcher or 'Electromagnetic pulse device' based on the Bob Beck design.

2. Sold - My Improved 'Doug Coil' device with the capacitor switch box (QSC Amplifier is NOT included)

3. Sold - My 24 KV Power supply that is used for a Rife Tube driver (Rife tube is NOT included).

All of my devices are improved, cheaper, and simpler than the original designs.  For example the Super Thumper runs off an ac adapter making it much safer electrically.  The 'Doug Coil' uses 14 Gauge enameled wire making it much more powerful than when you are using one that is made with insulated wire.

Here are pictures of version 3 of the Super Thumper that is up for sale for $250, first a picture of the insides. 
 Then what it looks like on the outside, note the 24 VAC adapter on the left to power it..
I am looking for a cover for the coil to make it look nicer.  A mayonnaise jar lid might work nicely. Here is an updated schematic.  The input is 24 to 30 VAC at 1 amp.  Sorry that the schematic is so small, you can click on it and then it will get bigger.
Super Thumper Specifications;
Capacitor bank: 8 x 390uF at 400 volts
Power source: 24-30 VAC at 1 amp
Voltage Multiplier: 4 x 4A bride rectifiers and 7 x 220uF Capacitors.
SCR: Minimum 100 Amps at 400 Volts
Coil: approx 50 feet 14 Gauge enameled wire 3" in diameter.
Coil plug: 4 pin Cinch-Jones connector
Wire to Coil: approx 5 feet of 16 gauge stranded wire
Box size: approx. 8 inches by 6 inches by 2.5 inches

The Doug Coil Setup, the Capacitor is in a switch box to select the correct value.  I will include the coil and switch-box.  You can use a frequency generator program on a computer and the QSC amplifier can be purchased on Ebay.   I hope to have pictures soon. It works with as little as a 100 watt amplifier but a 250 watt model is highly recommended.  The QSC amplifiers can run into a 2 ohm load so they hold up better when running a coil that is only 1 ohm!

Here is a picture showing a 'normal' green Doug coil (I have 2 of them), my smaller coil (14 gauge enameled wire 9 inches in diameter) that is many times more powerful even with a smaller amplifier) and my switch box. The switch box I am selling is smaller (around 8 inches by 6 inches) and only has 6 switches on it.  Normal Doug Coils are made with 12 gauge insulated wire and they are very hard on your amplifier.

My modified Doug coil specifications;
Coil: approx 500 feet 14 gauge wire (enameled or insulated)
Wire to coil: approx 5 feet of 16 gauge stranded to 1/4 inch plug
Switch box: approx 8 inches by 6 inches by 2.5 inches
Switch box jacks: 1/4 inches input and output
Capacitors: Non polarized 1/2/4/8/16 uF at 400 VAC
Switches: 15 amp SPST switches

Capacitor values for several frequencies;
300    32
400    18
500    11.5
600    8   
700    6
800    4.5
900    3.5   
1000    3
1100    2.5
1200    2
1400    1.5
2000    1

Last of all is my 24KV Power supply.  Here it is shown running a Rife tube.

 Here is a picture of the guts.  The unit for sale is about 1/3 this size.  As you can see there is a lot of extra space inside.

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