Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Electromagnetic Coil Devices

Electromagnetic Coil Devices.  We make two models of Pulsed Electromagnetic Coil Devices.

Super Thumper - Sold Out.  This device produces a 300 volt pulse of up to 100 Amps into a 3 inch coil of around 50 feet of Enameled 14 gauge wire.  It has a power transformer and a voltage multiplier to produce the 300 volts.  It takes about 5 seconds to charge the capacitor bank to 300 volts.  The capacitor bank is 8 x 390 uF at 400 volts. 
Low Power Doug Coil - Sold out.  This is modeled after the Doug Coil setup but it is a lower power version.  Basically a frequency generator feeds a Power amplifier that feeds a Capacitor bank that feeds a Coil.  The frequency generator can be a professional device or a computer program can makes any computer into a frequency generator.  The Power amplifier needs to deliver 100 volts peak to peak or be able to handle about 250 watts and it needs to be able to drive a 2 ohm load.  This is very demanding and usually a QSC amplifier is used.  The capacitor bank consists of a box having 6 switches and combinations of 400 volt capacitors to give .5, 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 uF.  The coil is made from around 500 feet of 14 or 12-gauge wire.  It can be enameled or insulated wire.  The picture shows a switch box, a 14 gauge enameled coil as well as a 12 gauge insulated coil.  Amplifier and signal generator not included.


chaosdrunk6969 said...

do u sell these? id like o buy a super thumper from you

Bob Davis said...

I have one is stock and have parts to build 3 more. I was selling them on Ebay but was disappointed in the selling price.