Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More on the upcoming 'Second Civil War'

Back before the last presidential election I had a dream about the second civil war.  It was so strong and shocking that I goggled it to find out that someone was saying that if Obama did not win the election there would be a 'second civil war'.  Since then I have had many more similar dreams.  What bothers me most is that when I watch what is happening in Libya and Egypt, I see that same thing happening here in the USA!

Recently I came across an article full of sarcasm, I think, on the subject of the impending second civil war.  It was called 'Tax the Super Rich now or face a revolution'.  That connected several dots.  I have talked on how the government is taxing the poor and giving the money to the rich (bailouts).  In fact the government is taxing our kids and our grandchildren to feed the rich.  They want to tax the skinny and give that to the fat (Supposed 'fat' tax that only taxes skinny people who refuse to eat 'diet' food).  What will they tax next?  My favorite old question is what will they do when the taxes reach 100%?

Another problem is the squeezing of the middle class and the new graduates.  Taxes have gone up, employees are passing the cost of health insurance on to their employees.  Real take home incme has gone down dramatically!  My 'take home' pay is the lowest it has been in 20 years!  At the same time the cost of everything is going up.  Gas for the car has tripled.  New car prices have tripled.  Food prices are up, rent has doubled and a new home is out of this world.  The net result is that no one can afford any 'luxuries' like cable TV, internet, a newer car, etc.  So sales have fallen and the end result is a 'recession' that seems to last forever.

You ask me what I think about the TEA party?  Well they say 'Taxed Enough Already'.  I say we are grossly overtaxed.  That is why all of these countries are rebelling.  The US needs to immediately drop all taxes (and taxes that are not called taxes) on people making less than $50,000 a year.  According to the IRS they account for less than 5% of all taxes, so why not!?  The last Tea party was over a 3% tax.  You say the problem was just taxation without representation?  So if they were allowed to send a representative to England then they would have been glad to pay a 50% tax?  What kind of a idiot do you take me to be?

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