Monday, April 25, 2011

Changing a Ford Radio

Changing the radio in a Ford is supposed to be as easy as buying the special tools, inserting them and removing the radio.
The tools go in about 1 inch then are pushed outward to deactivate the catches.

Now to be honest I had tried a screwdriver and may have messed up the catches. However my solution was to pull out the drink tray remove the 2 screws behind that and then snap out the surround that goes all the way up around the radio.  Above the radio there are two screws that have to be carefully extracted by breaking the plastic around them.  Then the whole thing pulls out and you can disable the radio catches from the side and remove the radio.  If the plastic is broken carefully it will snap back together and hold everything in place.   You can add a thick glue if it is needed.

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