Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New battery technology - NiZn 1.6 volt rechargable AA's

These batteries only lasted about 6 months before one shorted out.  Now I cannot even get 2 of them to work!  Normal rechargeable batteries last about 2 years.

If you are like me you have a camera that eats batteries like crazy!  Someone ended my misery by stealing my Sony HC2 camera.  However I also use an Olympus battery eater.  Then I came across the Power Genix 1.6 volt NiZn technology rechargeable batteries.  To say the least the improvement is amazing.  I can do a photo shoot without worrying about killing the batteries and the flash is very fast so I do not have to wait so long between pictures.

The problem is that most cameras do not realize the you are using rechargeable batteries so they insist that the batteries are not good when they have lots of power left in them.  That is because normal batteries are 1.5 volts and rechargeable batteries are usually 1.2 volts so they look like almost dead batteries.  To be honest Fuji makes a camera that has a setting to work with 1.2 volt batteries, but most cameras do not have that ability.  So a 1.6 volt rechargeable solves the problem.

Make sure you get a new charger with the NiZn batteries your old 1.2 volt charger will not do the job!

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