Sunday, November 6, 2011

Something is going to happen this week.

Think about it, have you ever felt like we were this close to the end?  I thought the world would end back in 1975, but as time goes by it seems to be getting closer and closer.

1. The Yu55 meteor is headed our way, it could miss us again, it could hit the moon or it could even hit us, no one really knows.
2. There are reports coming from Alaska and Russia that countries are massively redeploying troops and equipment.
3. Israel is gearing up to attack Iran in another attempt to put an end to their nuclear plans.
4. People are protesting in the streets of cities around the world demanding change.
5. Solar storms are increasing weekly as we approach another solar maximum next year.
6. Earthquakes are happening in many diverse places like the East coast, Oklahoma, etc.
7. Volcanoes are erupting or ready to erupt all over the place, Yellowstone, Canary Islands, Geysers California, etc.
8. The European Union is ready to default on many loans, countries are going bankrupt.
9. There is 600 trillion in debt but only 60 trillion in cash available, what happens when countries cannot pay up?

In Daniel 12:4 it says that "Many will be running to and fro and knowledge will be increased".  Doesn't that describe us more and more as each week goes by? 

So are you ready for a really bumpy ride?  I was listening to a recording by Glenn Beck talking of how the world will change over a period of 14 or 15 days.

So get right with God, go and ask forgiveness from those you have offended, make yourself ready, have food and stuff to last a few weeks in case everything goes crazy.  Something drastic is going to happen real soon.  I hope we get raptured first but I would not bet on it.

What I have seen in my dreams is smoke rising from many cities, lots of places devastated, a civilian army rising up to try to take control of the mess.  I hope it all works out, but it will be rough for a while.

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