Monday, October 29, 2012

Compaq F700 repair

Recently I had the job of fixing a Compaq F700 that overheated and shut off after about 15 minutes of operation.  Needless to say the cooling fan was completely clogged with dust as can be seen in the picture below.

To get inside of this computer you need to find some hidden screws.  First you remove the panel above the keyboard, then the keyboard then the CD ROM drive.  There are three screws hidden above the CD ROM front edge.  Then there are three screws you must remove from the bottom, two are standoffs and one is above the hard drive.  I circled their locations in the picture below. 

There is another screw that can only be reached from above, once the CD ROM is removed.  There is a hole now available that goes down through where the CD drive had been to access a hidden screw down below.  You have to remove the screen and all the usual screws to finally get the top cover off the laptop.  Once you remove the main board the cooling fan screws are hidden under some black sticky plastic.  They are extra small and hard to remove.

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