Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy approaches our coast I am compelled to think back over the last few years.  Somewhere on this blog I talked about how when Florida was promoting the gay lifestyle for two years in a row three hurricanes per year crossed through Florida, some hurricanes crossed more than once!  Then there was California voting in gay marriage and in one night 800 dry lightning strikes started almost 1000 forest fires.  Then last year New York adopted gay marriage and three hurricanes/tropical storms hit New York state in one year!

One tropical storm hitting in 20 years is more the normal for New York state.  Maybe only one in every 10 years, but last year 3 tropical storms hit NY in one year!  Is that supposed to be a coincidence?  Now we are bracing for tropical storm "Sandy".

This storm is just the beginning of the end.  I have seen visions of smoke rising out of many cities.  I have heard "this will happen here" when I see the unrest in the middle east.  I have had dreams where the government forces are attacking innocent civilians in the cities just like what has been going on in Syria and other countries.  This upcoming election is a loose-loose situation.  Either way we loose.  If one side does not win they claim they will start a second civil war.  If they do win they will finish off this country. 

We need to pray for a miracle!  We need a revival to save this country.  We have committed three major sins.  First there is the shedding of innocent blood - abortion.  Then there is promoting homosexuality in our schools and with the changing of the definition of marriage, this is the "abomination that brings desolation".  And last of all we have abandoned Israel, God's country and His people. 

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