Sunday, August 11, 2013

Installing my first addressable alarm system

During the last two weekends I have spent some time back up at Elim installing a new alarm system.  It is the first addressable alarm system that I have ever worked with.  The alarm company wanted all new wiring so there were lots of wires to run as well.  The specs called for strobes or horn/strobes in every room, so the alarm panel needed a booster panel to run all of those alarm devices.

I have now had a hand in replacing the 110 volt systems with 24 volt systems and then replacing the 24 volt systems with an addressable system.

While I was there the wood started arriving to fix the roof of the Tab.  The moral of that story is to never put a flat room under an angled roof.  The snow falls off the angled roof and piles up on the flat roof.  Then the snow melts but the water cannot get through the drift.  Then the water leaks down into the rooms below.

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