Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The supposed upcoming worldwide solar tsunami predicted by Snowden

I looked on the "Truth or fiction" web site and cannot find anythig on this, so I thought I would give my opinion here.


Here is what our sun looks like now according to NASA;

I have been reading about this, but like the Y2K problem, and the Mayan calendar, I have issues with it. 

* First solar reversal happens every 11 years so this is nothing new or unusual.
* Second the impact of solar storms is totally unpredictable, most miss the earth.
* Third the greatest effect will be on things attached to long wires, like telephone and power lines, NOT on your computer or car. 

On the other hand the loss of our power grid would lead to the loss of gas for your car and gas for delivering food. As always have a six month supply of food and water on hand. Some say to have a years supply.

What they are talking about is  called the "Carrington" effect.  Back in like 1859 or something like that, a solar storm fried the telegraph wires.  By the way, these days our power grid has lots of protection, it takes direct lightning strikes and keeps on working....

All of these false "End of the World" things are to take your mind away from the REAL problem: We are at a far greater risk of a worldwide economic collapse brought on by the actions of our government and the bankers..... 

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