Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hitachi CP-X809 High power LCD Projector repair.

Yesterday I dissembled a Hitachi CP-X809 Projector to see why "dust" was stuck in between the lenses or LCD's.

There are a lot of screws to remove to get to the LCD assembly.  There are about 6 screws accessed from the bottom of the projector.  You have to remove the cover around the lens first.  There are four screws, two are hidden under a flip out panel that hold the lens cover in place.  There are three screws on the back panel that are not marked.  Then you can remove the top cover.  To remove the circuit boards there are another 6 or 8 screws.  Do not forget the screws on the back cover.

The circuit boards can be folded up and out of the way like this.

You need to disconnect some wires and the three LCD ribbon cables and then the circuit board flips back revealing the LCD and lens assembly.  The plastic around the rear jacks needs to be bent out of the way a little.  Here is the LCD and lens assembly.

Here is the problem with the projector, the left color filter is totally shot.  It was not dust that was causing the problem.  I have never seen one so badly damaged.  It must have been severely overheated.  Does anyone know where to get one of these?

By the way I should point out that this kind of damage is usually from overheating because the air filter is clogged.  Usually it is not this severe.

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