Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Raspberry Pi Projects - 8x8 RGB LED array

I have been working on a book of Raspberry Pi projects.  One of the projects is an 8x8 three color LED array.  I picked up some more of them on eBay lately and they had a different pin-out.

The MEU 8860 RGB pin-out as seen from above.  I use Dx for the rows as Rx is used for Red.

R1  R2  G2  R3  G3  R4  D2  D1  D3  G5  R6  G6  D5  R7  B8  R8

G1  B1  D7  B2  B3  D8  B4  G4  B5  R5  D4  B6  D6  B7  G7  G8

The bottom row is where the model number is stamped.

Here is a picture of one of the displays wired up and working.

Here is a video of another three color 8x8 LED array in operation.

Here is a video of an 8x15 dual color LED array in operation.

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