Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dell 2300MP repairs part 3 - Replacing capacitors in the power supply

I spent some time fixing Dell 2300MP projectors for Africa once again. As usual I replaced the 22 uF at 50 volt capacitors (see previous posts).  This time I also replaced another capacitor.  The new capacitor is rated at 1500 uF at 16 volts.  Here is a picture showing the new capacitor to change.  The capacitor is oozing goo so the problem is rather obvious!

Here is a pile of Dell 2300MP power supplies to try to fix.  I needed to fix four power supplies for the current pile of projectors.

Here is the pile of projectors, I managed to fix three of them.  I only had two bulbs so that is more than what I have all of the parts for.  I still have three projectors that are parts piles.

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