Monday, October 17, 2016

Comparing Projectors: 1200 Lumen Crenova XPE460 to 1600 Lumen Epson EMP-S3

Those who follow my blog might know that I like to refurbish used projectors and send them overseas with missionaries.  Recently someone told me that he can get brand new 1200 lumen projectors for only $79.  I asked him if he still wanted the refurbished projectors and he said "Yes, they are much brighter!"  Really? So I purchased a dead XPE460 and fixed it.  There was a bad connection at the power plug.  The loose power wire can be seen in the lower right corner of this picture.

Next I set it up next to a 1600 lumen Epson EMP-S3 for comparison.  The picture was taken with the projectors about 7 feet from the wall.  The EMP-S3 projector is on the left.  If this is 1600 lumens versus 1200 lumens I will eat my hat!  Looks to me like it is 1600 lumens versus maybe 400 lumens.

In a totally dark room the Crenova XPE460 works fine, well almost.  The cheap lens makes if difficult to focus the center of the picture and the outside edges at the same time.  This is the screen in a dark room. (I turned off the other projector).

However as far a small size the Crenova LCD projector (The closer one) is much smaller that the Dell 2300MP DLP Projector (Back Left) or the Epson EMP-S3 LCD (back right).

Long term I can foresee that eventually LED powered LCD projectors will take over the market. They are cheaper and more reliable than the projectors that use light bulbs.

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