Monday, October 3, 2016

Elmira / Horseheads NY Hamfest

Sept 24 was the Hamfest (Radio Amature Flee Market) in Elmira/orseheads NY. This was my first time to go to this event.  It was quite large and well attended.  I did not buy much.  My favorite purchase was 2 overflowing quarts of grapes.  They were delisious!  Other than that I bought a L/C/R meter for $15 and some VGA cables.

This was a really old projector, at least that is what the label said...
 This is a picture of the event from the ground label.
This I think is a really old tube tester.
 How about a 1000 watt RF amplifier?
 This is my collection of stuff to sell.  There is a lot of free stuff.
 This is a picture of the event from a higher location.

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