Monday, June 18, 2018

Here is a comparison of some of the amplifiers found on eBay.

I have been comparing the specifications of some of the amplifiers that I have worked with:

L-10 Amplifier:
Size: 200x41.5x?? mm
8 Ohm 100 Watts
4 Ohm 200 Watts
2 Ohm 350 Watts +-55VDC
Gain: ?? 
Output Transistors - 3 EA: A1943 C5200

L-15 Amplifier
L-15 Amplifier:
Size: 150x40x?? mm
Size: 5.9x1.57x??"
8 Ohm 150 Watts
4 Ohm 300 Watts
2 Ohm 600 Watts +-55VDC
Gain: 36x
Output Transistors - 3 EA: IRFP240/IRFP9240

L-20 Amplifier
L-20/28 Amplifier:
Size: 110x65mm (L-20)
8 Ohm 200 Watts +-65V
4 Ohm 350 Watts +-60V
2 Ohm
Gain: 34x
Output Transistors - 4 ea D1047 B817
Note: L-20-SE has 2SA1943 2SC5200 transistors
Note: L-28 Includes capacitors and speaker protection

PR-800 Amplifier
PR-800 Amplifier:
Size: 245x65x30mm (or 195x90 with 4 Capacitors)
Size: 9.64x2.55x1.18"
8 Ohm 500 Watts +- 95VDC
4 Ohm 1000 Watts +-90VDC
2 Ohm 1000 Watts +-65VDC
Gain: 40x
Output Transistors - 4 ea TTA1943 TTC5200
Note: Includes Capacitors and Speaker protection
Note there are 2 sizes; one with 2 large filter capacitors and one with 4 large filter capacitors.

NJW0281/NJW0302 Amplifier
NJW0281/NJW0302 450W+450W HIF
Size: 259x73mm
8 Ohm
4 Ohm 450 Watts +-85VDC
2 Ohm
Gain: Very Low - needs preamplifier
Output Transistors - 4 ea NJW0281/NJW0302
Note: ATX power supply pins fit the connectors on the right side.

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