Friday, February 4, 2022

Changing the head on my 15 DOF Humanoid robot

 I am working on different options for the head or face of my 15 DOF robot.  Today I got a MAX7219 8x8 LED array working with it.  Over the years I have made heads out of Christmas ornaments and some LED's.  But they cannot change their expression.  Now I have added a MAX7219 so the robots expression can change with every command that you send him.  

This picture shows some of the robot heads I have made for my robots with the MAX7219 version in the middle.  As you can see the 8x8 LED array is a little on the small side.  I have some bigger LED arrays that are two and three color, but without the MAX7219 I do not have enough pins left over on the Arduino processor to run them.  Data TX and RX + 15 servos is 17 Pins leaving only three pins that are available to control the face.

Max7219 Humanoid Robot Head

The video is up on YouTube:

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