Tuesday, January 16, 2024

EcoQuest Fresh Air II air purifier repair 2

I found myself once again doing some EcoQuest Fresh Air II air purifier repairs.  One of ours quit making ozone.  I opened it up but could not find the problem.  After looking at it several times and getting ready to salvage parts and toss it, I then discovered that R11 was toast.  Checking the FET, a 10N20L showed that it was shorted!

I disconnected the 10N20L by clipping the leads and it was still shorted.  R11 was toast and there was no way to find out its value.  Unfortunatly I threw out my spare board! Oops.

I could not find a 10N20 but did find a IRF630 that has similar specs and used that.  The drain is connected by the case but the replacement will not solder to the board so you will need to run a small jumper wire.  A 4.7 ohm one watt resistor will work for R11 as it was a current limiter resistor (I think).

  So it has been up and running for a couple of hours now with no problems.  

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