Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Peavey Combo 115 repairs

My brother bought me a Peaver Combo 115 for repair.  They used controls with plastic shafts that broke off. They upgraded the design to use controls with metal shafts but they are out of stock everywhere unless you want to pay a fortune for them.

Here is a picture of the controls with their values and part numbers next to them.  You can see the broken controls in the picture.

This shows what the insides of the amplifier looks like. All of this could be 1/4 the size if it was made today.

The only critical controls that were broken were the 50K linear tone controls. The crossover and compressor can be ignored or bypassed.

Here is a possible source of parts.  The needed parts will cost you over $50 with shipping and may not be in stock.

As a solution I purchased 10 x 50K pots with knobs on eBay.  Short wires have to be run from each control to the circuit board.  I have seen this kind of solution before.


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