Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Gay Rights" versus "Religious Freedom"

This week the US government stopped all funding for a program that had been promoting Religious Freedom around the world.  On the very same news cast they also announced that, via executive order, federal funding will be cut off from any nation that does not support "Gay Rights".

Then on Saturday I sat down and watched the science channel video called "Biblical Mysteries Explained examines the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah".  I knew they had excavated Sodom and had determined the it was in fact destroyed by fire and brimstone.  Basically the buildings show burn holes in them from small objects that were at 400 to 500 degrees on impact.  The people died in agony as they were set on fire.  After watching the TV episode I now also know that they have records of a meteor track that was observed around 3125 BC, and that people digging up ice cores around the world have found evidence of a "nuclear winter" around 3200 BC.  What was kind of funny is that while they were proving the Biblical record to be true they were also referring to the story of Sodom as a "tale" and referring to the time as being "BCE".

Here is a link to some of the Archaeological Evidence for Sodom:
The article is titled "Archaeological Evidence for Sodom: Recent Findings Shed Light on Discoveries of ‘Biblical Proportions’"

Here is the Science channel Video:

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