Monday, December 19, 2011

Vtech Vreader and MobiGlo display console

Someone recently was given a Vtech Vreader and MobiGlo display console and they wanted to know if the individual parts can be removed and used.

To start with I removed the battery back.  It had 4 battery boxes of 16 "D" cells each that is a total of 64 "D" cell batteries! Then I unplugged and disconnected the stuff from below the cabinet.  The brown wires go to the speakers, the three conductor wires go to the volume control (short the right two wires together for full volume) and the multicolor ribbon cables can be just cut off.

Next was to find really small speakers to fit into the devices.  The built in battery holders were not wired up but the external power adapters were wired so I used an AC adapter to test them out.  So far everything seems to work but the software might have been modified to prevent really using these devices as they were designed to be used.  Next is to find a way to use these with smaller battery packs, perhaps 4 x AA cells?

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