Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another virus?

This computer developed a problem where it could not send or receive email via MS outlook.  I ran every anti-virus program I could find: MS MRT, BitDefender, MalWare Bytes, and SpyBot just to name a few of them.  I un-installed and reinstalled MS Office.  I nuked the PST file and created a new one.  All of this to no avail.  After two days of working on the computer I discovered an obscure setting in MS Outlook that was blocking all email.  It is found under Options, advanced options, add-in manager.  Something called 'Redemption Center Outlook Extension' was installed.  How reinstalling Office could not fix this I do not know.  That's the problem with reinstalling MS Software, it leaves a lot of junk behind that reappears when you reinstall it!

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