Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salamanca NY Fire

There was a big fire in Salamanca NY a couple of months ago.  The fire was on a Friday and we saw it on Sunday, there was still some rising and firetrucks on the scene.  I forgot my camera but someone was going to email me some pictures.  Anyway we were back there a few weeks ago and I took a number of pictures.
This is a composite of four picture to try to show the area of devastation.  The building was 4 stories tall and about 1/2 a block in length.  It went from the silo on the left all the way to the last pile of bricks on the right.  There was one wall left of the building on the left after the fire but they likely knocked it down for safety reasons. 

If you click on the picture you can then see it full size.  You may have to enlarge your browser window too.

Here is the news link with a video of the fire:

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