Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tax the skinny to feed the fat

Well its happened, San Francisco California has banned non-diet soda from vending machines!  Its enough that they tax the poor to feed the rich, now the efforts to tax the skinny to feed the fat have taken another step forward.

Think about this stupidity, who drinks non-diet soda?  Skinny people.  Who drinks diet soda and who eats diet food?  Fat people do.  So they want to eliminate non-diet food and drinks.  Basically you will HAVE to eat diet food and drink diet drinks!  These 'foods' are full of toxins and chemicals designed to make you fat!

When will these politicians wake up and get a sense of reality?  Do they exist only in a dream world that is totally controlled by chemical companies?  First they remove natural drugs and replace them with toxic chemicals and now they are doing the same thing to our foods, all in the name of more money for big drug companies!

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Some claim that the rich pay all of the taxes, if that is so then lets drop ALL taxes on people who are making less than $50,000 since 'they do not pay any taxes'.  The notion promoted by the IRS and others that 95% of the taxes are from the top 5% income bracket is full of BULL.  Here is clear proof taken from the same IRS web site.  Note that about 1/3 of taxes are from Social Security.  How much SS taxes do the top 5% pay?  OOPS! 

Just in case you missed that, the cap on the Social Security tax was about $100,000 the last time I checked.  That means that income over that amount is NOT TAXED!  So then we can conclude that 1/3 of the taxes are paid by people who are making less than $100,000!!!!

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