Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WordPress Super Cache or Really Static?

We have been trying to get our Word Press pages to load as fast as you would expect them to.  We eventually went to 'Really Static' to cache our web pages.  It knocked the socks off of every other WP cache program!  Then we upgraded to WP 3.0 and our site speed dropped back to what it was before we used a caching program. 

In the picture above the short lived dip below 1.5 seconds was when we used 'Really Static'.  Then the jump back up to 4 seconds per page was when we upgraded to WP 3.0.  Now here is a really interesting question, is this chart relevant?  For one thing WP Super Cache does not return cached pages to 'bots' and 'spiders'.  That 'feature' can be turned off by deleting all the entries under 'Rejected User Agents'.  According to one web site that change may double your performance while reducing server load.

Another feature to change in WP Super Cache from the default settings is to enable 'preload cache mode' and set the time to 1440 minutes.  That is to only load the cache every 24 hours.  That is fine for us because we do not allow comments, you would have to make an exception for comments if you allow comments. 

All together though it appears like WP 3.0 is REALLY SLOW!  We are trying to find a solution, but let me know if you know of one!

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Throsby said...

Hi Robert

What's the latest on this? Are you still using either caching mode, or (& I'm not sure on this) have you infact moved to blogger/blogspot from self-hosted?

Your pages load blindingly fast, whatever.